Our Products

Video Surveillance Systems

Big Bro Secure Services doe’s sales service, and install surveillance systems for your home or business. From a single camera to N numbers for your home and commercial environment, Big Bro Secure bring you the security that you need for a price that you can afford. There are so many different levels of quality CCTV cameras. It’s usually a good idea to just buy something because you found it cheap online or unauthorized shop but not when it comes to your security. Big Bro Secure sell only well known brands with proven track records that have been providing top quality products and backing up their warranties for many years.

Vehicle tracking system

Fleet monitoring is not just locating your vehicles on the map. It is much beyond plain vehicle tracking and seeing a dot move on the map. Being in the industry for a valuable amount of time, we understand that and empower you with sufficient tools to do some serious fleet monitoring that will add value to your business.With the ability to get down to the minutest of details, our platform gives you all necessary information at your fingertips and helps you take important decisions. Essential information like stoppage time, idle time, direction of travel etc. in combination with the power of real time updates ensure that productivity and utilization of resources is maximized and in turn influences your business positively.

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